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The Connected Converter Digitize - Automate - Connect

Our vision: THE CONNECTED CONVERTER Digitization – Automation – Connectivity

This year’s iarigai – IC annual scientific conferences jointly took place in Athens, Greece during September 19-24. They covered innovation and evolution in research, industry and education of the graphic communication, print, media, and packaging sectors. BEL was one of … Read More

Veridos Matsoukis

BEL entered into an agreement with Veridos Matsoukis

Veridos Matsoukis SA Security Printing, with roots dating back to 1891, is specialized in the production of identification documents for more than 40 governments around the world. In 2021, Veridos Matsoukis Management, decided to install BEL’s Overprint MIS in the … Read More

The Connected Converter

Sharing our vision at iarigai & IC conferences

BEL will deliver a keynote speech at the iarigai – IC annual scientific conferences jointly organized this year in Athens, Greece in September 19-24. The joint conferences will be covering innovation and further evolution in research, industry and education of … Read More

BEL at ERA Annual & Packaging / Decorative Conference 2021

BEL Information Systems will participate in this year’s Annual Conference of the European Rotogravure Association, taking place on 21-23 September in Thessaloniki, Greece. BEL will showcase its latest development of the Overprint MIS software automation for Rotogravure. The conference will … Read More