Overprint MIS for the IML Labels

Efficiency - Automation - Productivity - Control

Overprint MIS helps you address all the critical challenges throughout the entire production stages of IML – offset printing, ganging, die-cutting, traceability - so that you can achieve lower production costs, maximum print quality and shorter lead times.

In-Mould-Labels have changed the world of synthetic packaging. With a large variety of applications, IML labels have become widely used by sectors such as food, chemistry, industrial pails etc. As new printing materials and modern printing and finishing techniques, such as scented and heat-cold sensitive labels emerge rapidly, producing IML products can be a challenging experience.


IML Labels

Working side by side with some of the best printing manufacturers in the industry, Overprint embodies many years of expertise in the IML field incorporating in-depth knowledge of the production process within the system! Providing IML oriented capabilities embedded in many of our modules such as