Integration Layer

Ensures connectivity for a future-proof investment

The Integration Layer incorporated within Overprint, provides the capability to mediate and enables the integration with other solution platforms and/or future technological advancements without impacting already established systems. The Integration Layer functions vendor-independently and uses standard communication protocols and data-interchange formats (such as JDF, JMF, XML, JSON, etc.), either via direct internet access or via an API software.

It is the foundation of our long-term commitment to our customers, that their end-to-end MIS system makes for a future-proof investment. 

Integration with ERP systems

While Overprint’s Warehouse module performs efficiently all warehouse operations, the accounting information still needs to be logged in ERP systems dedicated to this purpose. Through an integration with the ERP system, the data captured in the MIS will make the loggings required for warehousing and accounting purposes, such as invoicing, costing, and financial management, according to the local accounting legislation.

The seamless integration of Overprint to an ERP system guarantees the smooth flow of information between the systems and allows for accurate data logging in accounting. This ensures that production activities and accounting departments are always aligned and seamlessly connect optimizing their processes.

Pre and post-press integrations

There can be several electronic pre-press or post-press systems, dedicated for specific functions or process-enabling, such as color management, trapping, proofing software, preflight management, workflow automation systems, sheet or roll converting equipment, in which a job ticket will take part along the production workflow.

Making a link to all these processes before and after printing eliminates the need to re-key important job information and provides a greater overview to employees and customer service representatives. They may all be informed with job ticket status updates, i.e. when the files have been received, when the job has passed preflight check, when the proof is approved, in which finishing step is the job currently, etc.

Customer-facing systems

Customer-facing systems, such as web-to-print platforms, file upload or any other custom web portal, make products and services accessible to your customers anytime and expedite order processing, since job orders can be initiated directly from the customers within the portal access. They provide further efficiencies, while the integration with the MIS will drive any other data that is not there already into a single source.

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