Maintenance & Technical Support

Helping your business run smoothly

During its entire lifecycle, any software system requires maintenance and support. From the day your MIS system goes live, you’ll be faced with the need for support, maintenance, and further development of your business processes.

Bel has in-depth knowledge of system maintenance and technical support since we successfully hold many long-term customer relationships. We help you run your business smoothly and ensure your Overprint system is bug-free with up-to-date features.

Our system maintenance and technical support services are provided under annual maintenance contracts, guaranteeing the continuous performance of your system in line with your specific needs and business requirements. Service provision can also be made available upon request (time & material) if preferred, however, we specifically don’t advise this service model.


The services we provide, include:

Users’ helpdesk support
System maintenance, troubleshooting, bug fixes, patches, backups
New software releases including all new functionality for licensed modules
Application upgrades, new functionality integration
Change Requests
Product migration to another platform

Our helpdesk support can be reached via CRM customer service ticketing (available to existing customers), via email at, and by phone at +30 210 6892500.

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