Ensuring robustness and agility

Within a production workflow Overprint MIS is working as the backbone of an organization’s operations. To efficiently streamline all other operations, other specialized software systems need to be integrated and combined with Overprint MIS to enable comprehensive solutions.

Overprint has been developed as an open architecture technology, while bel’s team of developers is natively working using agile methodology. Both factors, provide robustness and flexibility and enhance our ability to connect Overprint with other applications, data, files, and business partners.

Integration beyond the press

The processes taking place before or after print production are often neglected when implementing an MIS production workflow. Providing an integral unified workflow, which includes pre-press, press, and post-press people and equipment enables overall manufacturing efficiency and process automation.

The easiness in the exchange of information makes departments work closer together, allows employees to focus on more productive tasks, generates an efficient end-to-end manufacturing process which results in reduced costs, increased customer service capabilities, speeding up delivery times, and improving profitability.

Integration with customer-facing systems

Another step closer to an integral production workflow is the addition of customer-facing systems, such as web-to-print platforms, file upload, or any other custom web portal.

Integration with Overprint MIS allows customer visibility of their orders and direct access to real-time job order status updates. Orders are created immediately in the MIS with the set-up of process flows and validation parameters where applicable. In addition, direct customer access enables quick quotes and proof approval, eliminating the need for further communication means in between or ambiguity in miscommunication.

Integration with ERP systems

Seamless integration of our MIS solution with ERP systems facilitates the exchange of information between the systems, automates a multitude of processes, and reduces data entry time as well as the possibility of errors. Accurate data logging sourced by the MIS provides for correct invoicing, costing, and financial management to the ERP system according to the local accounting legislation. Thus, job execution and operational synergy are maintained within the business organization.

Specifically, the CRM and Cost Estimation submodules provide valuable data that facilitate invoicing and accounts receivables. Job order management enables precise forecasting of materials inventory levels, reducing overloads of inventory stock, and improving the planning of cash flows. By interfacing the Production Monitoring & Materials Management submodules, it is possible to better manage waste reduction and balance of raw materials and semi-finished products.

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