Our dedicated team ensures lifetime comprehensive support

Here at bel, it becomes natural that we provide software maintenance and support services for the products we develop and the solutions we integrate for our clients. We have developed all the complex software tools we provide ourselves, which means we have all the in-depth knowledge of our own systems. We have also been maintaining them and providing the related support for a very long time now.

To support our customers to the fullest and ensure we understand our customers’ business goals, we provide the first line of direct service ourselves. Our dedicated support team is highly trained in every aspect of our technology.

We completely own the technology and solutions we develop, and we are quite fond of the people who use them. Cooperation with our customers is not limited to product development and delivery, it extends to a lifetime comprehensive support, ensuring ongoing business continuity and performance.


The services we provide specifically for Overprint MIS and the solutions built around our product are as follows:

Our Trusted Customers

“By implementing Overprint MIS, we managed to optimize our cost estimation and production processes, resulting to better planning and also delivering much more value & great benefits to our customers”

Costas Arvanitis, CEO Arvanitis Labels, Greece

“We understand that we need to optimize our production efficiency and agility, and to do this we need to implement the MIS solution that can best address these requirements on the market – that is Bel’s Overprint.”

Özcan Kilimci, Chairman of the Board Resim Ofset, Turkey

“Prior to concluding to Overprint, we did extensive research on MIS systems available in the market – as we do for each of our investments. The specific system fulfilled all our requirements. We believe that the functionalities and controls provided by Overprint, in combination with the high level of support of BEL’s technical consulting team, perfectly fits our requirements. We are especially careful in choosing our partners”.

Spyridon Matsoukis, Vice President & Head of IT Veridos Matsoukis SA, Greece