Business Consultancy

A strong team of business consultants meets all the requirements

Within the newly established environment where The Connected Converter resides, digitization, automation, and connectivity play an important role in business operations. Converters need to remain productive while restraining costs and leveraging all assets and resources as effectively as possible. Ultimate goals are to increase production efficiency and profitability, competitive agility, and to improve the ability to serve customers.

Bel has a long history of implementing its overprint MIS, across entire production workflows in a wide variety of industry segments, through leveraging data, automating processes, and connecting people and equipment. We take our customers’ feedback, listen closely to specific obstacles and requirements, and utilize it to constantly improve our offering and implementation efficiency.

We find joy in consulting our customers, exploring their specific needs, making a thorough review, and navigating them with solid recommendations that meet their requirements, goals, and budgets. Striving to simplify the most complex production requirements is one of our main drivers.

Our business consultants hold experience in information technology and the printing industry. This makes a strong team of professional consultants addressing issues that they recognize and understand and can effectively assess and implement industry practices. Thus, they can help you adapt to today’s market dynamics, follow industry trends, to assist in creating tactical improvements and company culture towards implementing business processes.

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