About Us

Foundation of our long-term commitment to our customers an MIS that makes for a future-proof investment

Our Company

bel, established in 1998 and headquartered in Athens, Greece, develops software solutions & services specific to the needs of the printing & packaging industry.

With more than 20 years of experience, our team of professional consultants has gathered significant expertise and vast industry knowledge, capitalizing it into numerous successful implementations in Greece, Turkey, the Balkans, and Eastern Europe.

We value our customers’ business requirements in remaining profitable and competitive, and with a strong customer focus, we are committed to ensuring full business process coverage for our customers with a cost-effective implementation, fast ROI, and affordable cost of ownership.

Our Product

Our flagship product, Overprint is an end-to-end modular print MIS, featuring an open architecture, seamless connectivity, product customization, and user-intuitive workflow. It is an industry-specific driven system, sharing the same environment for all segments within the Carton Packaging, In-mould Label (IML), Labels, Flexible Packaging, Commercial Printing, Security Printing, and Cylinder Engraving.

Our History Timeline

1998 bel was founded in Athens, Greece
2004 the first release of Overprint for Commercial Printing was launched and deployed to a customer in Greece
2005 Overprint was complemented by Floor Data Collection terminals
2007 launched a major release for the Packaging segment
2011 Overprint was intuitively designed for the In-Mould label segment
2014 full-scale development of the Warehouse module utilizing QR/RFID data collection terminals via dedicated applications on PDAs
2015 bel expanded its business overseas with the first implementation in Turkey
2016 equipment connectivity featuring automated data collection was launched
2021 security printing & cylinder engraving segments were added to the Overprint portfolio

Our Customers

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