Emphasizing on a user-centric approach

System training is part of the Implementation & Deployment of Overprint MIS. Our training sessions are designed making of project management standards, while we continuously evaluate and optimize our training approach. It includes users’ training to the systems’ functionality as per the roles and responsibilities defined during the Requirements Analysis step of the project implementation.

We use the “Train the trainer” or “Train the team” concept to the business teams & technology (IS/IT) owners of the system. This training does not include end-user training, direct user support, or roll-out. Both on-site and online training sessions are scheduled, depending on the type of training and the number of attendants.

We emphasize on delivering high-quality training courses and deploy a user-centric approach. Our training sessions on overprint will maximize your investment in the system, in two ways. First and foremost, they are tailored to your organization’s specific requirements and delivered as per the defined roles and responsibilities, so every user is certain to take in the appropriate information targeted to his needs.

Secondly, our training is also designed to train for delivering the value of the system, encouraging users to adopt the changes, and ensuring quick learning time. We understand that the introduction to an MIS system and the ownership of new processes or daily ways of working sometimes requires an additional effort by the respective users.

Our custom-designed courses are teaching the users practical ways to apply their knowledge and responsibilities in their day-to-day work. Since we take on the project by testing our customers’ specific requirements in advance, we will adapt to your own processes and use the specific examples during the training courses.

Other training sessions can be made available upon request and will be designed per case for specific customer needs. These can be related to end-user training, additional user training, or any custom-designed solution.  

Dashboard Designer Training

A rich set of industry-specific dashboards on revenue, productivity, warehouse management are included in the system and will be explained during our standard training process.

Additional training can be provided, to the users of the optional Dashboard Designer tool, which allows for custom-designed dashboards to be produced (talking about either additional dashboards or customizations of existing ones).

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