Prestigious Folding Carton manufacturer Resim Ofset invests in Overprint


Resim Ofset has been active in the printing and packaging business since 1964, operates in a centrally located facility in Istanbul featuring large production areas equipped with high-tech machinery. The company is focused on meeting general and luxury packaging needs of both domestic and international brands and has been recognized in the foreign markets for the delivery of quality products and services. Typical folding carton products they produce are chocolate gift boxes, chewing gum packages, and confectionery boxes.

Strategizing its continuous growth as an ever-developing company, is constantly increasing its capacity for productivity with investments in equipment and improving its quality management surrounded by a team of professionals, a competent management and marketing-sales team, experienced and specialized designers and print engineers.

Great focus and effort are put in the company’s corporate social compliance, applying business ethics to improve their environmental performance, to protect the health, safety, and rights of their employees, to comply with food security policies and applied business standards.

The latest challenge that Resim Ofset was called to face, is making a leap step towards its Industry 4.0 transformation, by digitizing data, automating production processes, and improving its workflow, which is expected to make an impact to the full value chain that the company is serving.

“We wish to position ourselves in first place among Turkey’s Cardboard Packaging manufacturers and we can ensure this by maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction, being innovative and striving for improvement. The motivations we get from our customers help us connect more tightly to our business”, says Özcan Kilimci, Chairman of the Board at Resim Ofset. “We understand that we need to optimize our production efficiency and agility, and to do this we need to implement the MIS solution that can best address these requirements on the market – that is bel’s Overprint.

“From the early stages of our discussions with Resim Ofset, we have recognized the company’s eagerness to continuously improve their ability to serve customers. We want to provide our customers with an ecosystem, in which they will have the necessary tools that facilitate connectivity, information flow, and automation of production processes – our notion of The Connected Converter”, says Konstantinos Spyropoulos, bel’s Global Sales & Business Development Director.

The most important step in the company’s transformation will be to digitize the processes and workflows, eliminating hand-written notes or excel spreadsheets across different computers. Additionally, all parties will have an end-to-end view of the production status in one central access point.

With automation of the production steps and processes, the workflows are organized and run consistently the same way in every customer order. Where bottlenecks and human errors existed, they will be eliminated since Overprint provides for control points that enable the smooth run of production and workflows for approval of job tickets and processes, etc.

Connectivity to online systems ensures smooth communication and establishes the ways of exchanging information within the organization. The entire production line, from the creation of the pdf file to the final product, is connected. In this environment, people and equipment are talking to each other seamlessly, transmitting data online.

Overprint’s Control Center will collect and record data from production automatically through the integration of PLCs in production equipment and their connection to the Overprint MIS database. Floor Data Collection Terminals will be installed on every offset press, and post press equipment, such as die cutting, hot foil stamping, folder-gluers, sheeters, as well as in warehouse facilities for enabling picking, packing, and shipping.

The implementation of Overprint’s Control Center eliminates the need for manual data entries and human errors. It makes possible to automatically capture production information, equipment data, uptimes and downtimes, review the production costs and compare the results to the forecasted cost estimations. PLCs monitor online and continuously record all the critical parameters of the production process, to achieve real-time supervision as well as tracking KPIs.

All the data that is collected across production stages, is consolidated, and combined into dashboards, within Overprint’s Business Intelligence module. Advanced analytics enhance the provision of a complete overview of the business, timely and accurate decision-making with meaningful metrics, highlighting of trends and opportunities for improvement.

Following the deployment of the complete solution of Overprint MIS at Resim Ofset, the benefits that are expected to derive are: increased production efficiency and profitability, competitive agility, and delivering services at speed, ease of access, and convenience. The system is in the process of implementation, while full deployment of Overprint will be completed in the next months.

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