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Veridos Matsoukis SA Security Printing, with roots dating back to 1891, is specialized in the production of identification documents for more than 40 governments around the world. In 2021, Veridos Matsoukis Management, decided to install bel’s Overprint MIS in the production facility in Athens, looking to optimize the control of its production processes and ensure additional benefits in its complex production environment.

“In a fast growing world, Businesses should follow all the latest technological trends in order remain competitive and in the lead of their market. In Veridos Matsoukis S.A, we have set “Factory Digitalization” as the main strategic goal for the next couple of years, aiming to enhance the traditional manufacturing processes with advanced and state-of-the-art technologies.

Prior to concluding to Overprint, we did extensive research on MIS systems available in the market – as we do for each of our investments,” says Spyridon Matsoukis, Vice President & Head of IT at Veridos Matsoukis SA. “The specific system fulfilled all our requirements. We believe that the functionalities and controls provided by Overprint, in combination with the high level of support of bel’s technical consulting team, perfectly fits our requirements. We are especially careful in choosing our partners”.

“We are extremely pleased that a company of the scale of Veridos Matsoukis SA. evaluated and concluded to the installation of Overprint”, says Yiannis Katis, CEO of bel Information Systems. “Installing an MIS system is a difficult task; it requires a thorough study of the production processes of the printing unit and excellent communication between the two parties. In the 20 years that Overprint is available in the Greek and European market, I can say that no two systems installed are the same. There is the core of Overprint and we, in collaboration with the customer, configure the system to fully meet its demands”.


The choice in Overprint MIS

Veridos Matsoukis is using specially manufactured equipment and several different printing techniques which enable printing of various security features. Every printing method uses complex processes that ensure the security of the printed documents.


The agility of the Overprint MIS system and bel’s experience, both in different printing processes and in complex production environments, make the integrated solution of Overprint MIS ideal for the special requirements of Veridos Matsoukis.


The main concern of Veridos Matsoukis exploring the solutions of MIS systems was the precise management and rational methodology of information sharing, the optimal use of resources for the organization and automation of production processes. As Overprint MIS has been developed according to the innate requirements of graphic arts companies and around genuine user feedback, it has the advantage of being structured around real needs of print production.


Benefits in production

Overprint MIS consists of separate modules that perform discrete tasks, while interconnected they provide complete management of the production environment and the dependent functions of a productive enterprise, such as the management of complex sales operations, warehouse management, the creation of accounting documents for shipping, etc.

By integrating real-time data collection systems (such as PLCs, sensors, etc.) from the production floor, extensive information is available to the users facilitating various decision-making processes towards resources optimization and shorter lead times.

Via the integrated detailed warehouse management module and using bar code or RFID wireless hand-held terminals, the flow of all raw materials is accurately managed and monitored throughout all operations. Stock levels, reserved quantities, LOT numbers used for products traceability, all available in detailed views.

Through the powerful reporting and business intelligence (BI) module, users can create dashboards and monitor KPIs, enabling advanced analysis and decision making based on individual, departmental and corporate targets.

Quality and security in Veridos Matsoukis are top priority values and form the foundation of all functions and activities of the company, from purchasing to sales and to the entire product and service portfolio. In the integrated Overprint MIS solution, the control and management functions for quality assurance will be integrated and carried out in a coordinated manner.


Integration with the ERP software

Upon completion of the installation, Overprint MIS will be fully integrated with Veridos Matsoukis S.A. ERP software (MS Dynamics 365 Business Central) providing seamless exchange of information between the systems, automating a multitude of processes, and reducing data entry time as well as the possibility of errors.

Specifically, the CRM and Cost Estimation modules provide valuable data that facilitate shipping and invoicing. Job order management enables precise forecasting of materials inventory levels, reducing inventory stock and improving the planning of cash flows. By interfacing the Production Tracking & Warehouse Management modules, it is possible to better manage waste reduction and balance of raw materials and semi-finished products.

The integration of the two systems is expected to streamline information exchange, job execution, and to create operational synergy.


The system is in the process of installation, while the company’s staff is being trained. It is estimated that the deployment of Overprint will be completed in the next 6 months.



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