Sharing our vision at iarigai & IC conferences

BEL will deliver a keynote speech at the iarigai – IC annual scientific conferences jointly organized this year in Athens, Greece in September 19-24. The joint conferences will be covering innovation and further evolution in research, industry and education of the graphic communication, print, media and packaging sectors.

On Tuesday September 21, Konstantinos Spyropoulos, Global Sales & Business Development Executive, will be sharing how BEL envisions the role of the print industry converters, under which BEL is designing its product developments and services approach.

“We are proud to be sponsoring such an event, which is important for the development and shaping of the future of the printing & packaging industry. We chose to share our vision of The Connected Converter on this event organization as we believe it is the most appropriate audience to inspire. It will be our pleasure if the research and education societies embrace our vision and use our notion on building further around it.” says Yiannis Katis, CEO of BEL Information Systems.

Our vision

Throughout the years of consulting our customers, we witness the challenges converters face as technology, society, and market demands evolve. Nowadays, there is a newly established environment where digitization, automation, and connectivity play an important role in today’s business operations.

The role of the print provider has already shifted to being a solutions provider, not only making flat prints out of paper, but also adding extra value to the print in terms of aesthetics, marketing appeal, functionality, compliance, eventually creating a 3-dimensional product. This enhances the role of the printer, whereas we now talk about the converter who can provide the entire business solution that brand owners require.

The differentiated role of the printer has emerged out of the new requirements of the consumers towards the brand owners to provide them with even better products, more diversified, delivered faster than before at smaller quantities. These requirements have set new standards of competition and trends. This means that the entire supply chain, processes, and workflows need to be more cohesive, effective, and agile. There is no more room for errors, waste, downtimes.

Having acknowledged the challenges that converters face, BEL provides optimum solutions and services that make it easy for converters to leverage data across the entire production workflow, seamlessly automate processes and connect people and equipment.

Overprint MIS demonstrates significant expertise and end-to-end process coverage, addressing all industry segments’ challenges – commercial, folding cartons, roll labels and IML – into one platform.

We focus a lot on Business Intelligence having numerous built-in KPIs and dashboards, reports and statistics that allow our customers to have a total overview their business. Through this they can evaluate their own activities, manage their costs, and create KPIs.

With Machine Learning working in the background, we allow data analysis using our customers’ own company data, for the system to learn, identify patterns and make accurate predictions of production times and costs according to the gained knowledge.

We take pride in developing our flagship product, Overprint MIS, around these 3 pillars: Digitization – Automation – Connectivity.

The Conferences

The 47th annual conference of iarigai with the title “Printing in the Digital Era” and the 52nd conference of the IC with the title “Print Education – Challenges in an Uncharted World” are organize by HELGRAMED, the Hellenic Union of Graphic Arts and Media Technology Engineers, in cooperation with GRAPHMEDLAB, the Hellenic Graphic-Media Research Lab, University of West Attica, Greece.

iarigai – the International Association of Research Organizations for the Information, Media and Graphic Arts Industries and IC – the International Circle of Educational Institutes of Graphic-Media Technology and Management are among the most prominent research and educational organizations in these fields worldwide.

The iarigai & IC conferences will run in parallel at the premises of the University of West Attica-Egaleo Park Campus in a hybrid form – both live (at different rooms) and from distance.

During live sessions with physical presence, all measures regarding COVID-19 will be strictly kept.

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