Overprint MIS will be presented at the Xeikon Café Europe 2022

Bel stands up to be counted at international events during live communication with professionals in the field of labels and packaging. While this year’s major events have moved on to new dates, many professionals are still interested in meeting up with suppliers in the field and taking advantage of networking and business development opportunities such as the Xeikon Café Europe 2022 event.

After more than 20 years of steady progression in the field of printing, bel has established Overprint MIS with a broad base in Greece and in four other countries where it operates. Meanwhile, as the company has shown significant steps of extroversion in recent years, it continues its strategy designed toward this course.

The scope of Bel’s presence at the Xeikon Café event is to expand the product’s awareness in markets in which it is not active to date and to explore trends in the label and packaging industry.

The participants will follow the latest innovations in label printing and packaging and meet and exchange ideas and views on industry issues. The visitors to Bel’s booth will have the opportunity to learn about the vision of The Connected Converter as well as the specific features of Overprint MIS, which make it stand out.

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