Commercial Printing

Books, brochures, magazines, POP, or any commercial printing & converting application

In an intensively competitive industry segment such as commercial printing, it is required more than ever before from commercial printing companies to stay competitive, with latest products and technologies, but also to provide highest service levels.

Print runs in commercial printing are shrinking, while the number of jobs that are printed on a commercial printing press is increasing. These trends are constantly increasing giving rise to print-on-demand, print personalization, web-to-print applications, and campaigns. This means that there are more jobs to be completed, and plenty more processes to be done in one job ticket. Therefore, speed and efficiency are the key elements in maintaining profitability.

Integration is the key

The way to go is to improve your print shop workflow: provide fast and accurate quotes, automate processes, eliminate waste and human errors, increase the number of revenue streams by increasing your production throughput. Achieving these targets requires end-to-end integration to gain visibility into your entire commercial printing operation.

Integration of divergent systems and multiple production lines is possible. This simplifies processes ensuring that your entire commercial print production is streamlined and collaborates for higher efficiency. Overprint covers the whole span of commercial printing & finishing technologies, from sheet to web offset, as well as digital and large format printing, binding, folding, trimming.

Overprint MIS can grow, as your business needs change and grow, with more processes and additions of users or business divisions across your organization. What’s more, is that the system is future-ready to integrate more equipment and different processes (even if you decide to shift to another industry segment).

Manage your print lifecycle

Our Management Information System includes all necessary features to support commercial printing companies, regardless of the size or specialization. Utilizing Overprint, you will be able to manage every aspect of your commercial print order management from the initial quotation request through the final product delivery.

Starting from the way jobs come in, to optimizing how they get reviewed, processed, and approved, and how they are queued and scheduled for printing. Furthermore, you can manage what happens when things go wrong, i.e. when prints don’t check out after quality inspection when goods arrive damaged, etc. There is the possibility of adding workflow validations & notifications, related to approval requests, warnings, restrictions, etc.

Advanced cost estimation possibilities

Detailed cost analysis is achieved with the use of multiple parameters and cost centers such as the materials composition of a product, imposition layouts, production, and manual processes, multiple price lists, etc. An extensive amount of information can be logged on each process and equipment which is assigned to a product. Costing is depending on the job analysis and may be set as time-based (industrial) cost estimation or activity-based cost estimation.

Cost estimation can be done to a great extent for each product detailing sub-products, semi-finished, or raw materials. This means that a product is described in detail within the system, containing an extensive amount of information like the specs, the processes, and the equipment used. Each prospect/customer request is logged in the system as a unique product and holds the product technical specification.

Latest technologies enable full control of your business

With Overprint MIS you will acquire full control over your costs and profitability by accurate quotations of your commercial printing services based on pricelists, product specifications, Machine Learning, and our analytics possibilities. Overprint ensures your business remains profitable and maintains pricing consistency as per your set strategies. The Business Intelligence and Reporting module makes it possible to reduce and control production costs while empowering your operation to create growth opportunities and take on new business.

Our Warehouse module, which features real-time inventory management allows for accurately tracking your stock and ensures there is just enough or just-in-time stock to fulfill customers’ orders. This is achieved using Machine Learning, which is intuitively guiding the user to make purchase orders based on forecasting through historical data and current stock requirements.

Stock requirements can be displayed via several views, allowing for efficient stock management. There is an extensive number of views, displaying existing stock, reserved stock, requirements per order, per job ticket, per production, etc. Default views are available, while the user can easily create custom views with ease.

Opportunities to increase performance

Overprint has been built from the feedback of users’ experience; it will intuitively provide suggestions of ganging orders of unfolded flyers, leaflets, and flat sheets which can be printed on the same material and combined on the same print run. The ganging functionality provides the optimum N-up calculation for each job on the sheet.

Existing setbacks that may cause bottlenecks in your production, even when they are not well-known before implementing Overprint MIS, will become evident out of the reports and dashboards defined in the system. This gives rise to plenty of opportunities for improvement on increasing your company’s performance and throughput. Leveraging data to create reports and dashboards, enables fast and accurate decision-making and responsiveness to an ever-changing environment.

Overprint provides you with the capability to get in front of your league and allows you to stay competitive and profitable.

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