Overprint MIS at M. ARVANITIS S.A. Labels


ARVANITIS S.A., a leading self-adhesive labels printing company in Greece, aiming to provide both the domestic and international markets with a vertically organized, consistent, full scale of printing services, decided to invest in Overprint MIS.

Overprint MIS is an end-to-end modular system, combining CRM, Cost Estimation and Quotation Management, Production Planning and Tracking, Inventory Management, into a seamless, user-friendly environment, enabling M. ARVANITIS S.A., to proactively manage its costs with great accuracy, streamline its production and optimize its resources, while increasing its profitability and satisfying the most demanding customers’ needs.

ARVANITIS S.A., continuously invests on state-of-the-art technology as well as human resources, ensuring the constant high quality of its products thus ranking the company among the largest in Greece.

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