Çakırlar Matbaacılık in Turkey goes-live with Overprint MIS


Çakırlar Matbaacılık, one of the leading manufacturers in the Turkish and global Printing and Packaging industry, with more than 20 years of experience, knowledge and high-tech production capacity in various in-mould labeling (IML) applications, selected Overprint as it was the only system that demonstrated significant expertise and end-to-end process coverage for IML printing and in particular; easy and rapid creation of IML-specific cost estimations powered by sophisticated algorithms with automated layout nesting and ganging proposals, efficient planning and optimization of the production based on the print job’s technical specifications, resources availability and delivery times and finally seamless and real time integration with production equipment and control systems for automated data collection and monitoring.

Moreover, with the integrated warehouse management and bar code and RFID enabling technologies, accurate and multi-level stock control of print and raw materials is maintained along with finished-goods traceability. Finally, with the support of analytical and user-defined business intelligence dashboards and reports module, Çakırlar executives have all the data available from all the departments and operations for making the right decision.

Çakırlar Matbaacılık, occupying facilities with an area of 16.000 sq.m and a total of 46 printing units with capacity of 850.000 sheets, implementing ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System, delivers high-quality solutions to its esteemed clientele by incorporating the state of the art technology in-house systems from prepress to delivery of products.

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