Gold distinction at the Packaging Awards 2022

bel has won another Gold award, this time at the Packaging Awards 2022 organized by Boussias Communications, which validates the innovation that Overprint MIS provides by the utilization of technology and the added value it brings to the supply chain of products’ packaging.

At the awards ceremony which took place on Thursday, July 7, the top packages of the year were awarded, as nominated by the judging committee, for their innovation in design, the materials used, the technology used, and the processes, which add value to the entire packaging chain of a product.

“bel, responding to market trends and the needs of its customers in Greece and abroad who have been trusting the company for more than 20 years, presents the new functionality in Overprint that covers the traceability of raw materials and finished products using portable terminals and advanced systems of data collection from production and warehouse sites, thus ensuring its customers the assurance of quality and safety standards”, says Konstantinos Spyropoulos, Global Sales & Business Development Director of bel.

bel received the Gold award for Overprint’s integrated solution on Data Collection and Traceability in the category of Production management systems and quality control in printing.

The safety and quality of food and pharma require a reliable traceability system from printing and packaging companies. Built with innate agility and extensive data management capabilities, Overprint MIS provides different ways to log material consumption and waste in production, either manually or through automated data collection terminals on the production floor.

Traceability is achieved via management by LOT numbers, barcodes and/or RFID tags, and through data collection devices that replace the way data is logged and verified, with quality assurance and automation in warehouse and logistics processes. Automation can be achieved by applying Industry 4.0 and JDF standards to the print lifecycle.

By leveraging the capabilities of the internet, continuous connectivity and information exchange are enabled. The digitization of processes and workflows allows a business to exchange information more efficiently, empowering the interaction between people and equipment. This increases overall efficiency, enabling service delivery at speed, ease of access, and convenience.

The derived benefits of the integrated solution on Data Collection and Traceability provided by Overprint MIS, are increased production efficiency, elimination of bottlenecks and human errors, increased quality, and savings of time and manpower.

The solution is in operation at print and packaging companies that own Overprint MIS.

Implementation of Overprint MIS at the University of West Attica

The implementation of Overprint MIS at the Hellenic Graphic-Media Research Lab – GRAPHMEDLAB of the University of West Attica opens up new opportunities. Following an open tender for the supply of a management and print production planning system – graphic arts MIS software, bel was selected for the supply, implementation, and training of Overprint.

bel is a pioneer, Greek producer of specialized software and services and integrated IT solutions, servicing with absolute consistency and quality since 1998 the printing and packaging industry in the Greek and global market.

The Hellenic Graphic-Media Research Lab – GRAPHMEDLAB develops initiatives and collaborations in the wider field of science and technology of graphic arts, printing, and packaging with all relevant communities and industry bodies in Greece and abroad.

The implementation of the integrated Overprint MIS system completes a range of material-technical infrastructure meeting the research and educational needs of the laboratory, providing additional benefits, such as:

  • the practical application of integrated management of print production, in the individual production stages (prepress, printing, finishing – bookbinding and carton packaging), as implemented in all industries (either commercial printing, publishing, carton packaging, labels, or paper cups),
  • the education and familiarization of students with the modern standards and new technologies (such as Industry 4.0, automated data collection and processing, Internet of Things (IoT), and Machine Learning) used in the industry, thus preparing them for the labor market, and
  • new opportunities for research collaborations in the context of digital transformation and industry development.

“We are pleased that Overprint MIS was chosen by the University of West Attica, a system that has been established in the Greek market, and that we contribute to the development and modernization of the pathway of the Graphic Arts Technology. We believe that the important know-how we possess, will benefit both in educational and research level”, says Konstantinos Spyropoulos, Global Sales & Business Development Director of bel.

“The implementation of bel’s system – that is designed and produced in Greece, allows the development of close cooperation between the educational units and especially the pathway of the Graphic Arts Technology through our research laboratory, with the innovative applications and technologies that exist in the industry segments and the printing and packaging industry. The familiarization of the students of the graphic arts, printing and packaging science with the modern technologies and systems applied in our companies is absolutely necessary, so that our new graduates of Graphic Arts Technology, are well prepared for their successful entry into the labor market after completing their studies.

In addition, the implementation and operation of the system will allow the development and promotion of research and innovation in the fields of holistic transformation of the Greek converters and producers with the use of modern digital applications at many levels, as well as in the context of digital transformation,” says Dr. Anastasios E. Politis, Director of the Laboratory of Graphic Arts Technology and Visual Communication Media – GRAPHMEDLAB of UniWA.